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The Hindu Editorial (Safety first: On the lessons from the train accident in Vizianagaram) Vocab – 01 Nov, 2023

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The train accident in Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh, which claimed 13 lives and left 38 injured, has again highlighted the inadequacies in the railway safety system. A stationary train, the Visakhapatnam-Palasa passenger, was hit by the Visakhapatnam-Rayagada passenger at Kantakapalli station, 36 kilometres from Visakhapatnam, on the Vizianagaram-Visakhapatnam line.

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Below is today’s Vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial (Safety first: On the lessons from the train accident in Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh) – November 01, 2023.

Today’s Vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial (Safety first: On the lessons from the train accident in Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh) – November 01, 2023

  • Claimed (verb) – दावा किया
    Meaning – Say something is true / You have done something
    Synonyms – accused, charged, likely
    Antonyms – deny, reject, abandon, disclaim, dispute
    Sentence – He claimed victory in the presidential elections before all the results were in.
  • Injured (adjective) – घायल
    Meaning – hurt or physically harmed

    Synonyms – damaged, wounded, hurt, spoiled
    Antonyms – entire, whole, intact, perfect, complete
    Sentence – She was told to stay in bed to rest her injured back.
  • Highlighted (verb) – प्रकाश डाला, रेखांकित करना
    Meaning – to attract attention to or emphasize something important
    Synonyms – spotlighted, illuminated, advertised, displayed, recommended
    Antonyms – darkened, blackened, dimmed, dusk
    Sentence – The report highlights the need for improved safety.
  • Inadequacies (noun) – अपर्याप्तताएँ
    Meaning – the fact that something is not good enough or is too small in amount
    Synonyms – flaw, weakness, failing, imperfection, insufficiency, incapacity, shortcoming, ineffectiveness, ineptitude
    Antonyms – adequacies, amplitudes, sufficiencies, abundances
    Sentence – Economic growth is hindered by the inadequacies of the public transport system.
  • Horrific (adjective) – भीषण
    Meaning – very bad and shocking
    Synonyms – abominable, appalling, awful, cruel, disgusting, dreadful
    Antonyms – pleasant, delightful, attractive, delicious, enjoyable, welcome, appealing, satisfying, pleasurable
    Sentence – The report detailed the horrific conditions in the prison.
  • Collision (noun) – टक्कर
    Meaning – an accident in which two vehicles or people crash into each other
    Synonyms – blow, concussion, contact, crash, dilapidation, encounter, impact
    Sentence – The cyclist was in a collision with a bus.
  • Interference (noun) – दखल अंदाजी
    Meaning – an occasion when someone tries to interfere in a situation
    Synonyms – conflict, intervention, intrusion, obstruction, tampering
    Antonyms – incentive, stimulus, advantage, impetus, catalyst, edge, assistance
    Sentence – The law is designed to prevent interference by local police.
  • Suspected (verb) – संदिग्ध
    Meaning – to think or believe something to be true or probable
    Synonyms – imagined, questionable, shaky, suspicious, uncertain
    Antonyms – unsustainable, unverifiable, unprovable, unsupportable, insupportable, debatable, indemonstrable
    Sentence – So far, the police do not suspect foul play.
  • Indigenously (adjective) – देश में ही
    Meaning – the people who originally lived in a place
    Synonyms – aboriginal, native
    Antonyms – foreign, introduced, nonindigenous, exotic, alien
    Sentence – Antarctica has no indigenous human population.
  • Developed (adjective) – विकसित
    Meaning – advanced or powerful
    Synonyms – advanced, matured, improved
    Antonyms – retarded, rudimentary, undeveloped, primitive, underdeveloped
    Sentence – In developed countries, blood pressure tends to go up dramatically with age.
  • Avoidance (noun) – टालमटोल
    Meaning – not doing something; preventing something from existing or happening
    Synonyms – evasion, prevention, restraint, escape
    Antonyms – submission, endurance, toleration
    Sentence – A person’s health improves with the avoidance of stress.
  • Tragedy (noun) – त्रासदी
    Meaning – a very sad event or situation
    Synonyms – adversity, calamity, catastrophe, failure, hardship, humiliation, misfortune, struggle
    Antonyms – windfall, manna, godsend
    Sentence – His life was touched by hardship and personal tragedy.
  • Raises (verb) – उठाना
    Meaning – to lift something to a higher position
    Synonyms – lifts, elevates, hoists, uplifts
    Antonyms – lowers, drops, falls, descends
    Sentence – He raised the window and leaned out.
  • Enforce (verb) – लागू
    Meaning – to make people obey a law, or to make a particular situation happen or be accepted
    Synonyms – implement, apply, execute, administer, fulfill
    Antonyms – ignore, disregard, neglect
    Sentence – The new law was generally admitted to be difficult to enforce.
  • Regulations (noun) – नियम, अधिनियम
    Meaning – an official rule or the act of controlling something
    Synonyms – rules, laws, instructions, standards
    Sentence – I have acted strictly in accordance with the regulations at all times.
  • Proactive (adjective)– सक्रिय
    Meaning – taking action by causing change and not only reacting to change when it happens
    Synonyms – cautious, careful
    Antonyms – shortsighted, myopic, improvident, careless
    Sentence – Managers must be proactive in identifying and preventing potential problems.
  • Intensive (adjective) – गहन
    Meaning – involving a lot of effort or activity in a short period of time
    Synonyms – intense, fierce, ferocious, deep, terrible
    Antonyms – moderate, light, soft, feeble, superficial
    Sentence – The course compresses two year’s training into six intensive months.
  • Campaign (noun) – अभियान, मुहिम
    Meaning – a planned group of especially political, business, or military activities that are intended to achieve a particular aim
    Synonyms – movement, crusade, push, cause, initiative
    Sentence – The endless public appearances are an inevitable part of an election campaign.
  • Reassure (verb) – आश्वस्त, दिलासा देना
    Meaning – to comfort someone and stop them from worrying
    Synonyms – assure, comfort, soothe
    Antonyms – distress, discourage, worry, trouble, upset
    Sentence – They sought to reassure the public.
  • Chronic (adjective) – दीर्घकालिक
    Meaning – continuing for a long time
    Synonyms – persistent, serial, habitual, inveterate, regular, steady, stubborn, addicted
    Antonyms – occasional, unused, intermittent
    Sentence – She suffers from chronic pain in her knees.
  • Plague (verb) – विपत्ति
    Meaning – to cause worry, pain, or difficulty to someone or something over a period of time
    Synonyms – afflict, persecute, torture, besiege, curse
    Antonyms – help, aid, assist, relieve
    Sentence – Financial problems have been plaguing their new business partners.
  • Empanelling (verb) – पैनलबद्ध करना
    Meaning – in a law court, to choose the people who will form the jury for a trial
    Sentence – The process of empanelling a mock jury has caused some controversy.
  • Operational (adjective) – परिचालन
    Meaning – being in effective operation
    Synonyms – operating, operative, functioning
    Antonyms – inoperative, broken, dead, inactive, nonfunctional
    Sentence – They plan to keep the telescope operational until the end of the decade.
  • Vacant (adjective) – खाली
    Meaning – not filled or occupied; available to be used
    Synonyms – empty, devoid, barren
    Antonyms – full, complete, occupied
    Sentence – The job will be kept vacant for a few more weeks.
  • Mechanisation (noun) – यंत्रीकरण
    Meaning – the process of introducing a machine to do something that used to be done by hand
    Sentence – The mechanisation of cotton production increased the cost of machinery.
  • Implementation (noun)– कार्यान्वयन
    Meaning – the act of starting to use a plan or system
    Synonyms – automation
    Sentence – The study was criticized for its poor design and sloppy implementation.
  • Technocrat (noun)– उद्योगतंत्रवादी
    Meaning – an expert in science or technology who has a lot of power in or influence with the government or industry
    Synonyms – hackers, techies, technophiles
    Antonyms – technophobes
    Sentence – Technocrats do not always have the marketing skills necessary to be successful businessmen.
  • Revamp (verb) – पुनर्गठन
    Meaning – to change or arrange something again, in order to improve it
    Synonyms – remodel, change, modify, alter, rework
    Antonyms – set, fix, stabilize
    Sentence – The company has launched a revamped version of its commercial mortgages.


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