The Hindu Editorial (Mass messaging: on Citizenship (Amendment) Bill) Vocab – 10 Jan, 2019

Protests in the Northeast, especially in Assam and Tripura, over the Centre’s move to push through the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in Parliament highlight the dangerous pre-election adventurism of the BJP. 

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Below is today’s Vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial (Mass messaging: on Citizenship (Amendment) Bill) – Jan 10, 2019.

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Today’s Vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial (Mass messaging: on Citizenship (Amendment) Bill) – Jan 10, 2019


  • Recklessly (adverb) – बेतहाशा, बिना विचारे
    Meaning – Without regard to the danger or the consequences of one’s actions;
    Synonyms – rashly, carelessly, thoughtlessly.
    Sentence – He was driving recklessly and lost control.
  • Reinforce (verb) सुदृढ़, शक्ति बढ़ाना
    Meaning – Strengthen or support (an object or substance), especially with additional material.
    Synonyms – boost, assist/support; heighten/intensify.
    Sentence – Two divisions were sent by Lee to reinforce the left wing.
  • Ethnic (adjective) संजाति विषयक
    Meaning – relating to a population subgroup (cultural, national, traditional/folk) with a common national or cultural tradition.
    Synonyms –  race-related, ethnological, genetic, inherited.
    Sentence – Ethnic and cultural rights and traditions.
  • Push through (phrasal verb) 
    Meaning – succeed in passing a law accepted by the people who oppose it.
  • Adventurism (noun) – दुस्साहस
    Meaning – the inclination/readiness to take risks in business or politics.
    Sentence – Its reckless adventurism could have resulted in a nuclear conflagration.
  • Confer (verb) – प्रदान करना
    Meaning – Grant (a title, degree, benefit, or right)
    Synonyms – bestow, present/award.
    Sentence – It is often assumed that participation in clinical trials confers benefit to patients.
  • Persecuted (adjective) – सताना, अत्याचार करना
    Meaning – Harass or annoy (someone) persistently.
    Synonyms – oppressed, victimized; troubled/suffering.
    Sentence – Isn’t it disgraceful the way they’re persecuting the poor guy?


  • Contentious (adjective) – विवादास्पद
    Meaning – Causing or likely to cause an argument; controversial.
    Synonyms – controversial, disputable, debatable.
    Sentence – In the long run the most contentious issue is likely to be wages.
  • Ploy (noun) – चाल, अभियान, व्यवसाय
    Meaning – A cunning plan or action designed to turn a situation to one’s own advantage.
    Synonyms – (cunning) plan, scheme, tactic/trick.
    Sentence – The president has dismissed the referendum as a ploy to buy time.
  • Legitimise (verb) वैधता
    Synonyms – validate, legitimate, permit/endorse.
    Sentence – Voters legitimize the government through the election of public officials.
  • Aftermath (noun) – परिणाम
    Meaning – The consequences or after-effects of a significant unpleasant event.
    Synonyms – consequences, repercussions, after-effects.
    Sentence – Historically, change has happened only in the aftermath of a major crisis.
  • Call it quits (phrase) 
    Meaning – be friends again, make peace, forgive and forget; agree/acknowledge.
  • Categorical (adjective) – स्पष्ट
    Meaning – Unambiguously explicit and direct.
    Synonyms – unambiguous/unequivocal, well defined/thorough, explicit/straightforward.
    Sentence – The official answer to the kidnappers has been both categorical and at times confusing.
  • Demographic (adjective) – जनसांख्यिकीय
    Meaning – relating to the statistical study/structure of populations, especially human beings.
    Sentence – The demographic trend is towards an older population.
  • Succour (noun) राहत
    Meaning – Assistance and support in times of hardship and distress.
    Synonyms – aid/help/support, assistance, relief.
    Sentence – The wounded had little chance of succour.
  • Indigenous (adjective) – स्वदेशी
    Meaning – Originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.
    Synonyms – native/local, original, domestic.
    Sentence – The indigenous peoples of Siberia.
  • Blowback (noun)
    Meaning – the unexpected (bad & harmful) outcomes of a political situation.
    Sentence – The gun operates by direct blowback, which to the user means more effort to muscle back the slide.
  • Lost on (phrase)
    Meaning – fail to be noticed.
  • Offset (verb) पूरा करना
    Meaning – Counteract (something) by having an equal and opposite force or effect.
    Synonyms – balance out, cancel, nullify.
    Sentence – Donations to charities can be offset against tax.
  • Electorate (noun) – मतदाताओं
    Meaning – all the people who entitled to vote in an election.
    Synonyms – citizens, subjects, general public, electors
    Sentence – Many hope that the majority of the electorate votes for more than a pretty face.
  • Resurrect (verb) – पुनर्निर्माण करें
    Meaning – Revive or revitalize (something that is inactive, disused, or forgotten)
    Synonyms – revive, restore, regenerate.
    Sentence – The deal collapsed and has yet to be resurrected.
  • Stipulate (verb) – शर्त लगाना
    Meaning – Demand or specify (a requirement), typically as part of an agreement.
    Synonyms – formulate, lay down, set down.
    Sentence – He stipulated certain conditions before their marriage.
  • Accord (verb) सहमाति, स्वीकार करना
    Meaning – Give or grant someone (power, status, or recognition)
    Synonyms – give, grant, tender/present.
    Sentence – The powers accorded to the head of state.
  • Of a piece (phrase) 
    Meaning – similar, alike/consistent, exactly the same.
  • Assuage (verb) – शांत करना
    Meaning – Make (an unpleasant feeling) less intense.
    Synonyms – alleviate, mitigate/reduce, relieve.
    Sentence – The letter assuaged the fears of most members.
  • Obligation (noun) – कर्तव्य
    Meaning – An act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound
    Synonyms – condition, requirement; moral imperative/responsibility.
    Sentence – I have an obligation to look after her.
  • Populace (noun) – आबादी
    Meaning – The people living in a particular country or area.
    Synonyms – population, inhabitants, people/public.
    Sentence – The party misjudged the mood of the populace.
  • Reverse (noun) – हार
    Meaning – Make (something) the opposite of what it was.
    Synonyms – setback, failure, blow/defeat.
    Sentence – The damage done to the ozone layer may be reversed.
  • Augment (verb) – बढ़ाना
    Meaning – Make (something) greater by adding to it
    Synonyms – increase, raise, improve.
    Sentence – He augmented his summer income by painting houses.
  • Aid (verb) – सहायता
    Meaning – Help, typically of a practical nature.
    Synonyms – facilitate, promote, encourage.
    Sentence – He saw the pilot slumped in his cockpit and went to his aid.


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