UPTET Exam Paper 2018 Second Session – English Language (Answer Key)

उत्तर प्रदेश शिक्षा पात्रता परीक्षा UPTET (Uttar Pradesh – Teachers Eligibility Test) 2018 परीक्षा का आयोजन परीक्षा नियामक प्राधिकरण, उत्तर प्रदेश द्वारा 18 नवंबर (November ) 2018 को आयोजित किया गया। UP-TET (Uttar Pradesh – Teachers Eligibility Test) Exam Paper 2018 –  अंग्रेजी भाषा की उत्तरकुंजी (English Language Part Answer Key Second Session). 

UPTET (Teachers Eligibility Test) Paper Second Session : Junior Level (Class 6 to Class 8). 

परीक्षा (Exam) : UPTET (Uttar Pradesh Teachers Eligibility Test)
भाग (Part) : अंग्रेजी भाषा (English Language)
परीक्षा आयोजक (Organized) : UPBEB
कुल प्रश्न (Number of Question) : 30

UPTET Exam Paper 2018 Second Session (Junior Level)
भाग – III
भाषा – II अंग्रेजी (Language – II 


Directions: Read the given passage carefully and answer the questions (Question Nos 1 and 2) that follow by selecting the most appropriate option.

Among these adventures, in the year 1887, was a youth called Jacob who was then twenty-one years old. Although so young he had already lived a risky and dangerous life He had been a seaman and crossed the Pacific, and been pirate and river patrol-man, a coal shoveller at a power plant a landless man and ‘hobo’. He had tramped the United States and Canada, switch rides on freight trains, and dodging and fighting railway men and police and knew all about cold and hunger, and poverty and danger, and he had served a prison-sentence of thirty days.

Though he did little else, he had a great love for books and words, and though he had found no gold in the Klondike, these things were soon to earn him fortune. He came back from Alaska after a year, suffering from scurvy and without a penny in his pocket. He had, however, a great wealth of experience and he began to write stories about places he had seen and the people he had met After months of hard work and hunger, he found success Magazines began to accept his Alaskan stories. Soon, he was famous. In the next sixteen years he published fifty books and made and spent a million dollars. He died in 1916.

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1. In the given passage, what do you understand by the word ‘hobo?
(1) Someone who is brave
(2) A hero
(3) Someone who does not have a job or a house and moves from one place to other
(4) Someone who fights with everyone and does not sit quietly ever.

2. ‘Scurvy’ means
(1) a sea-sickness
(2) a disease resulting from a lack of vitamin C
(3) an injury caused to the body from freezing cold
(4) a feeling of nausea

3. Identify the wrong collective noun?
(1) Scissors
(2) Army
(3) Sheeps
(4) Daughters-in-law

4. Identify the correct sentence among the following :
(1) Please see my certificates,
(2) Please look at my certificates.
(3) Please overlook at my certificates
(4) Please see into my certificates.

5. Complete the following sentence with the most appropriate word:
Let us not confuse liberty ……………. license.
(1) for
(2) with
(3) from
(4) than

6. Which conjunction will be the most appropriate to join the following sentences?
He lost the prize. He tried his best.
(1) though
(2) as
(3) because
(4) for

7. Which part of the following sentence is predicate?
On Saturday morning my friends and I play football in the park.
(1) My friends and I
(2) On Saturday morning
(3) Play football in the park
(4) On Saturday morning ….. I play football in the park.

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Answer – (3)

8. What will be the feminine gender of ‘wizard’?
(1) Fairy
(2) Witch
(3) Lizard
(4) Ghost

9. The masculine gender of ‘vixen’ is
(1) horse
(2) ox
(3) fox
(4) deer

10. Which of the following sentences has the correct punctuation marks?
(1) The minister said, elections will be held in M P, Bihar and Orissa
(2) the minister said “elections will be held in MP, Bihar and Orissa”.
(3) The minister said, “Elections be held in MP, Bihar and Orissa.”
(4) The Minister said “Elections will be held in MP, Bihar and Orissa.”

11. Which among the following suffixes is not suitable for the root word ‘prevent’?
(1) ive
(2) able
(3) ing
(4) ious

12. Identify the phrasal verb in the following sentence:
“Thieves Broke into the bank in the middle of the night.”
(1) Thieves broke
(2) broke into
(3) into the bank
(4) middle of the night

13. Complete the following sentence with the most suitable option:
“I didn’t know ……… in the party.”
(1) nobody
(2) anybody
(3) somebody
(4) someone

14. Which of the following is not a homophobic pair?
(1) Principal – Principle
(2) Kite – Kit
(3) Stare – Stair
(4) Steel-Steal

15. Which of the following words doesn’t have a silent letter in the pronunciation?
(1) Honest
(2) Knock
(3) Orange
(4) Debt

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Answer – (3)

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