The Hindu Editorial Vocab – 20 Nov, 2018

The Hindu Editorial (Maldivian Reprieve) Vocab – 20 Nov, 2018

After five years of rule by a government that strong-armed political dissent domestically, the Maldives has put a pro-people administration in power, swearing in Ibrahim Solih, representing the Maldivian Democratic Party, as President on November 17.

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Below is today’s Vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial (Maldivian Reprieve) – Nov 20, 2018.

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Today’s Vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial (Maldivian Reprieve) – Nov 20, 2018

  • Reprieve (noun) – दण्डविराम, अवकाश देना
    Meaning – Cancel or postpone the punishment of (someone, especially someone condemned to death)

    Synonyms – cancellation, suspension, postponement.
    Sentence – Under the new regime, prisoners under sentence of death were reprieved.
  • Hit the ground running (phrase) 
    Meaning – to begin a (new) task with enthusiasm & commitment.
  • Swearing (noun) – शपथ – ग्रहण
    Meaning – a ceremony at which a person is admitted into office by taking oath.
  • Slew of (noun) 
    Meaning –A large number or quantity of something.
    Synonyms – wide variety, large number, lot, diversity, range
    Sentence – He asked me a slew of questions.
  • Populist (adjective) लोकलुभावन
    Meaning – relating to the politicians who claim that they are representing the common/ordinary people.
    Synonyms – elected, representative, parliamentary, popular.
    Sentence – A nation divided by populist rhetoric will weaken and fail.
  • Vow (verb) – व्रत, शपथ, क़सम खाना
    Meaning – Solemnly promise to do a specified thing.
    Synonyms – promise, swear, pledge/affirm.
    Sentence – He vowed to continue his appeal against an earlier decision against him.
  • Embezzlement (noun) – ग़बन
    Meaning – Theft or misappropriation of funds placed in one’s trust or belonging to one’s employer.
    Synonyms – misappropriation, theft, stealing.
    Sentence – Corporate fraud and embezzlement have been familiar topics in newspaper headlines of recent years.
  • Allusion (noun) – संकेत 
    Meaning – An expression designed to call something to mind without mentioning it explicitly; an indirect or passing reference.
    Synonyms – reference, citation, hint, intimation.
    Sentence – He makes allusions to poetry, classical music and protest culture.
  • Kickback (noun) – वापसी
    Meaning – A sudden forceful recoil.
    Synonyms – bribe, illegal payment.
    Sentence – The thrust from the kickback of the gun sent me to my back.
  • Bedfellow (noun) 
    Meaning –A person or thing allied or closely connected with another.
  • Join hands with (phrase) 
    Meaning – work together with.
  • Tycoon (noun) – व्यवसाय-प्रमुख
    Meaning – A wealthy, powerful person in business or industry.
    Synonyms – big businessman;  businessman magnate/baron.
    Sentence – He was one of the first Russian tycoons openly to declare his wealth.
  • Split at the seams (phrase)
    Meaning – (of a coalition) be in a bad condition & close to split.
  • Unravel (verb) – खंडित
    Meaning – (of twisted, knitted or woven threads) become undone.
    Synonyms – reveal, clarify, resolve.
    Sentence – There are some threads that once pulled unraveled the whole sweater.
  • Fling (verb) हाथ बढ़ाना
    Meaning – begin something (an activity) with great enthusiasm.
    Synonyms – toss, sling, hurl, cast, pitch, lob, bowl
    Sentence – An arm was flung over my shoulder and I shrugged it off.
  • Open doors (phrase) 
    Meaning – create opportunities.
  • Cascade (noun) झरना, जलप्रपात
    Meaning – A small waterfall, typically one of several that fall in stages down a steep rocky slope.
    Synonyms – waterfall, falls, water chute, cataract, rapids, torrent, flood, deluge.
    Sentence – The waterfall raced down in a series of cascades.
  • Underlying (adjective) आधारभूत
    Synonyms – fundamental, basic, primary.
    Sentence – Most of the mowed fields in the central part of the park are underlain with soil.
  • Back-stop (verb) – सहारा देना
    Meaning – A thing placed at the rear of something as a barrier or support.
    Synonyms – support, bolster, reinforce.
  • Pummel (verb) – कूटना, मारना
    Meaning – Strike repeatedly with the fists.
    Synonyms – Strike, hit, thrash (repeatedly).
    Sentence – The door shuddered as thumping fists pummelled the wood.
  • Call in (phrasal verb) 
    Meaning – Demand (payment/dues).
  • Professedly (adverb) – प्रतिज्ञापूर्वक
    Meaning – Ostensibly; apparently (used in reference to something claimed or asserted, possibly falsely)
    Synonyms – supposedly, purportedly, allegedly.
    Sentence –Restrictions professedly designed to stop the use of political propaganda.
  • Opacity (noun) – अस्पष्टता
    Meaning – The quality of lacking transparency or translucence.
    Synonyms – lack of clarity, obscurity, mystery, enigma, non-transparency.
    Sentence – The cult of transparency leads ultimately to opacity.
  • Cloak (verb) – लबादा, चोग़ा
    Meaning –Hide, cover, or disguise (something)
    Synonyms – conceal, hide, cover.
    Sentence – The heavens are already dark, cloaking her in its shadows.
  • Plethora (noun) – बहुतायत, अधिकता
    Meaning – A large or excessive amount of something.
    Synonyms – excess, abundance, surplus, too many.
    Sentence –The British Isles boast a plethora of university art galleries.
  • Bonhomie (noun) – खुशमिज़ाजी
    Meaning – Cheerful friendliness, geniality.
    Synonyms – friendliness, warmth, geniality, affability.
    Sentence – Good cheer and bonhomie make this a happy time for you.
  • Denouement (noun) – उपसंहार, नतीजा
    Meaning – The outcome of a situation, when something is decided or made clear.
    Synonyms – finale, outcome, result.
    Sentence – The poem doesn’t reach a climax or any sense of denouement in this final installation.
  • Fabric (noun)कपड़ा, निर्माण
    Meaning –The basic structure of a society, culture, activity, etc.
    Synonyms – the basic structure, system, framework.
    Sentence – The multicultural fabric of Canadian society.


Note – 

  • This word list is for personal use only. Reproduction in any format and/or Commercial use of it is/are strictly prohibited.



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