CTET Exam Sep 2016 Paper – I Language II (English)

CBSE conducted the CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) Exam Paper held on 18th Sep 2016 Morning and Evening Shift. Here The CTET Solved Question Paper I (Class I to V) Solved Paper. 

CTET (Central Teachers Eligibility Test) Paper First Session : Primary Level (Class 1 to Class 5).

Exam – CTET Paper I (Class I to V) 
Part – V Language II (English) 
Organized – CBSE 
Number of Question – 30
Exam Date – 18th Sept 2016

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CTET Exam September 2016 Paper – 1 (Junior Level)
Part – V
Language II (English) 

Directions : Answer the following questions (Q. Nos. 1 to 15) by selecting the correct/most appropriate options.

1. Language is not :
(1) social
(2) arbitrary
(3) symbolic
(4) instinctive

2. When language development is a deliberate and conscious effort, language is :
(1) brushed up
(2) learned
(3) acquired
(4) honed

3. What is a ‘task’ in task-based language learning?
(1) A piece of work for the parents to do their children’s homework
(2) A piece of activity for teachers to do in the classroom
(3) A piece of work which exposes learners to language
(4) A piece of work which enables learners to do an activity

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4. Travelogue is a genre of :
(1) bibliography
(2) literature
(3) poetry
(4) criticism

5. The most important aspect of an effective language classroom is with an to provide learners opportunity to :
(1) interfere
(2) assess
(3) imitate
(4) interact

6. A teacher of Class V is practising ‘interactive listening’ in the class. She should focus on :
(1) listening to word stress and intonation
(2) listening to the pronunciation
(3) listening and responding
(4) listening and speakers attitude observing

7. A word with same spelling and same pronunciation as another, but with a different meaning is a/an :
(1) homophone
(2) antonym
(3) synonym
(4) homonym

8. A shorter form of a group of words, which usually occurs in an auxiliary verb, is :
(1) connector
(2) contraction
(3) conjunction
(4) connotation

9. Aditi, a visually challenged child in Class IV, does not have any text in braille. How can a teacher facilitate her in reading the English textbook?
(1) Instead of focussing on this single child, she may use her energy in teaching the remaining class.
(2) She may ask her parents to look after their child.
(3) She may ask the principal to arrange a special teacher for her.
(4) She may arrange and give the audio CD of the textbook to the child.

10. Poetry teaching is generally meant for :
(1) learning punctuation
(2) enjoyment and appreciation
(3) language learning
(4) learning grammar as a second

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11. Reading English language means :
(1) reading for grammar
(2) meaning making
(3) decoding of letters and words
(4) reading aloud

12. When learners give feedback on each other’s language, work, learning strategies, performance, etc., it is called :
(1) group assessment
(2) self-assessment
(3) peer assessment
(4) formal assessment

13. A teacher after completing a chapter ask the students some questions to review their learning and check their understanding. The questions she is asking will be based on
(1) hyper order thinking skills
(2) higher order thinking skills
(3) middle order thinking skills
(4) lower order thinking skills

14. A good teaching-learning material (TIM) can best :
(1) help the teacher to transact material without any modification
(2) help the a language learners acquire
(3) facilitate the teaching-learning process
(4) be a source of entertainment

15. While providing feedback to the parents, a teacher should not ;
(1) share the incidents recorded in the anecdotes
(2) compare their child with other children
(3) compare the current performance of the child with her previous performance
(4) give qualitative feedback about the child

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