The Hindu Editorial (Shock resignation: on Urjit Patel quitting as RBI chief) Vocab – 11 Dec, 2018

The Reserve Bank of India Governor Urjit Patel has cited personal reasons for resigning with immediate effect, but anyone who has followed the events of the last couple of months will know it was anything but that.

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Below is today’s Vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial (Shock resignation: on Urjit Patel quitting as RBI chief)  – Dec 11, 2018.

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Today’s Vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial (Shock resignation: on Urjit Patel quitting as RBI chief) – Dec 11, 2018


  • Step down (phrasal verb) 
    Meaning – resign, stand down, give up one’s job, give up one’s post.
  • Embarrassment (noun) – शर्मिंदगी 
    Meaning – A feeling of self-consciousness, shame, or awkwardness.
    Synonyms – humiliation, loss of face, uneasiness/discomfort.
    Sentence – I turned red with embarrassment.
  • Anything but (phrase) 
    Meaning – not at all.
  • Tussle (noun) – संघर्ष
    Meaning – A vigorous struggle or scuffle, typically in order to obtain or achieve something.
    Synonyms – fight, skirmish/scuffle, quarrel.
    Sentence – There was a tussle for the ball.
  • Clutch (noun) पकड़, शिकंजा
    Meaning –A tight grasp.
    Synonyms – group, collection, set.
    Sentence – She made a clutch at his body.
  • Have a bearing on  (phrase)
    Meaning – have a relevance/relation to something. 
  • Autonomy (noun) – स्वराज्य
    Meaning – freedom (from external influence).
    Synonyms – independence, self-rule, home rule, sovereignty,
    Sentence – It first took up arms in 1949 to demand autonomy from the central government of the time.
  • Predecessor (noun) – पूर्वाधिकारी
    Meaning – A person who held a job or office before the current holder.
    Synonyms – previous holder of the post; ancestor, antecedent.
    Sentence – The new President’s foreign policy is very similar to that of his predecessor.
  • Take/catch someone by surprise (phrase) 
    Meaning – surprise, shock, stun someone (as something happened unexpectedly).
  • Thaw (noun) – पिघलना, गलना
    Meaning – an increase in friendliness.
    Sentence – A thaw in relations between the two countries.
  • Hammer out (phrasal verb) 
    Meaning – thrash out, sort out, decide on/negotiate (something arduously/difficultly).
  • Contentious (adjective) – विवादास्पद
    Meaning – Causing or likely to cause an argument; controversial.
    Synonyms – controversial, disputable, debatable.
    Sentence – A contentious issue.
  • Scramble (verb) – संघर्ष
    Meaning – Move hurriedly or clumsily from or into a particular place or position.
    Synonyms – struggle, rush/hurry, hasten.
    Sentence – I tried to scramble to my feet
  • Reinforce (verb) – सुदृढ़
    Meaning – Strengthen or support (an object or substance), especially with additional material.
    Synonyms – strengthen/support, fortify, bolster up/buttress/underpin.
    Sentence – He helmet has been reinforced with a double layer of cork.
  • Bound to (adjective) – करने के लिए बाध्य
    Meaning – Certain to be or to do or have something.
    Synonyms – certain/sure, very likely, guaranteed.
    Sentence – There is bound to be a change of plan.
  • At odds with (phrase) 
    Meaning – in conflict, in disagreement, in variance with. 
  • Reclusive (adjective) – एकांतप्रिय
    Meaning – Avoiding the company of other people
    Synonyms – solitary, secluded/isolated, introverted.
    Sentence – He led a reclusive life.
  • Non-communicative (adjective) – गैर-मिलनसार
    Meaning – Unwilling to talk or impart information.
    Synonyms – silent, reserved, introvert/playing one’s cards close to one’s chest.
    Sentence – We have one student who is non-communicative who also has some behavioural difficulties.
  • Endear (verb) – प्रीति करना
    Meaning – Cause to be loved or liked.
    Synonyms – inspire, attract, cherish/charm.
    Sentence – His love for children and affection for the sick have endeared him to all.
  • Eminence (noun) – श्रेष्ठता
    Meaning – Fame or acknowledged superiority within a particular sphere.
    Synonyms – distinction, greatness, calibre/reputation.
    Sentence – Her eminence in cinematography.
  • Macroeconomic (adjective) – व्यापक आर्थिक
    Meaning – relating to the branch of economics concerned with large-scale factors (interest rates/national productivity).
  • Spar (verb) – झगड़ा करना
    Meaning – Argue with someone without marked hostility.
    Synonyms – quarrel, argue/disagree, have a row/fight.
    Sentence – Mother and daughter spar regularly over drink, drugs, and career.
  • Breach (noun) – उल्लंघन
    Meaning – An act of breaking or failing to observe a law, agreement, or code of conduct.
    Synonyms – gap, rift, division/difference (in relationship).
    Sentence – A breach of confidence.
  • On edge (phrase) 
    Meaning – anxious, apprehensive, uneasy/unsettled.
  • Go down (phrasal verb) 
    Meaning – be successful, have an impact, triumph.
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