HPSSC Clerk Exam 18 October 2020 (Official Answer Key)

HPSSC – (Himachal Pradesh Staff Selection Commission) Conduct the Clerk Exam Paper 2020. HPSSC Clerk Exam Held on 18 October 2020.  Himachal Pradesh Staff Selection Commission Clerk Exam Paper With Official Answer Key Available Here.   

Exam – Clerk Exam 2020
Organizer – HPSSC 
Paper Code – C
Post Code – 763
Date – 18 October 2020 (Sunday)
Total Questions – 170

Himachal Pradesh Clerk Exam Paper 2020
(Official Answer Key)

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1. Startup India scheme was launched in which year ?
(A) 2012
(B) 2014
(C) 2015
(D) 2016

2. Round Revolution is related with the production of which of the following ?
(A) Onion
(B) Tomato
(C) Apple
(D) Potato

3. Which is the largest producer and consumer of black tea in the world ?
(A) China
(B) Japan
(C) Mexico
(D) India

4. Which industrial policy resolution is called the Economic Constitution of India ?
(A) 1948
(B) 1956
(C) 1977
(D) 1991

5. Asia’s first Export Processing Zone was set-up in 1965 at .
(A) Kandla
(B) Paradeep
(C) Mangalore
(D) Mumbai

6. FERA stands for
(A) Financial Education Regulatory Agency
(B) Finance and Export Rating Agency
(C) Foreign Exchange Regulation Act
(D) None of these

7. RBI was constituted on the recommendation of which commission ?
(A) Hilton Young Commission
(B) Sarkariya Commission
(C) Finance Commission
(D) Planning Commission

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Answer – (C)

8. The rate at which RBI gives finance to Commercial banks is called.
(A) Repo Rate
(B) Reverse Repo Rate
(C) Bank Rate
(D) None of these

9. Which authority regulates the Insurance Sector ?

10. Which is also called paper gold ?
(A) Currency notes
(B) Petroleum products
(C) Special Drawing Rights
(D) None of these

11. SI unit of energy is
(A) Erg
(B) Watta
(C) Joule
(D) None of these

12. The satellite whose time period is 24 hour is called
(A) Stationary satellite
(B) Polar satellite
(C) Geostationary satellite
(D) Remote sensing satellite

13. Which is used as back view mirror ?
(A) Plane mirror
(B) Convex mirror
(C) Concave mirror
(D) None of these

14. Who discovered the phenomenon of radioactivity?
(A) Madame Curie
(B) Pierre Curie
(C) Henry Becquerel
(D) All of these

15. Which catalyst is used in manufacture of ghee from vegetable oils?
(A) Cupric chloride
(B) Lactase
(C) Invertase
(D) Nickel

16. Common salt is
(A) Sodium chloride
(B) Sodium carbonate
(C) Calcium chloride
(D) Calcium bicarbonate

17. Which is the first metal used by man ?
(A) Copper
(B) Silver
(C) Gold
(D) Iron

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Answer – (A)

18. Solder is an alloy of
(A) Copper and zinc
(B) Copper and tin
(C) Lead and tin
(D) None of these

19. CNG mainly contains
(A) Propane
(B) Butane
(C) Methane
(D) Ethane

20. Graphite is also called
(A) Black marble
(B) Black lead
(C) Bitumins
(D) None of these

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