UTET Exam 06 Nov 2019 Paper – 1 (Language II – English) (Official Answer Key)

उत्तराखंड विद्यालयी शिक्षा परिषद् (UBSE – Uttarakhand Board of School Education) द्वारा 06 नवम्बर 2019 को UTET (Uttarakhand Teachers Eligibility Test) की परीक्षा का आयोजन किया गया। UTET (Uttarakhand Teachers Eligibility Test) Exam Paper 2019 –भाषा द्वितीय – अंग्रेजी की उत्तरकुंजी (Language Second – English Part Answer Key).

UBSE (Uttarakhand Board of School Education) Conduct the UTET (Uttarakhand Teachers Eligibility Test) 2019 Exam on 06 November 2019. Here UTET Paper 1 Language Second – English Subject Paper with Answer Key.

UTET (Uttarakhand Teachers Eligibility Test) Primary Level
(Class 1 to Class 5)

Exam :−  UTET (Uttarakhand Teachers Eligibility Test)
Part :− भाषा द्वितीय – अंग्रेजी (Language Second – English)
by : UBSE

Number of Question : 30
Exam Date :– 06th November 2019

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UTET Exam 2019 Paper – 1 (Primary Level) Answer Key
Part –
(Language Second- English)

Direction (Q. No. 61 to 63): Fill in the blanks with the correct word from the options.

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61. He is an authority ______ Literature.
(A) on
(B) of
(C) in
(D) to

62. The house is infested ______ rats.
(A) of
(B) in
(C) with
(D) by

63. He boasted ______ his accomplishments.
(A) of
(B) in
(C) at
(D) on

Direction (Q. No. 64 to 66): Replace the underlined idioms/phrases with the option correct in meaning.

64. He agreed to carry out my orders.
(A) execute
(B) maintain
(C) listen to
(D) refuse

65. He turned a deaf ear to my advice.
(A) listened
(B) agreed
(C) disregarded
(D) respected

66. There are black sheep in every community.
(A) bad characters
(B) generous people
(C) shepherds
(D) ugly people

Direction (Q. No. 67) : Select the most suitable conjunction and fill in the blanks.

67. He plays ______ in the orchestra and as a soloist.
(A) both
(B) also
(C) among
(D) either

Direction (Q. No. 68) : Select the most suitable alternative and fill in the blanks.

68. ______ you please help me with this?
(A) would
(B) should
(C) shall
(D) must

Direction (Q. No. 69 to 71) : Select the word with correct spelling for filling in the blanks in the following sentences.

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69. A ______ disease in one that can be passed on by physical contact.
(A) contagious
(B) contiguous
(C) conteguous
(D) conteeguous

70. My role is ______ to that of my associates.
(A) complimentary
(B) complementary
(C) compleementary
(D) compliment

71. ______ is a word for the sweet course of a meal :
(A) Desert
(B) Desert
(C) Dessert
(D) Dassart

Direction (Q. No. 72): Choose the correct pronoun (reflexive) to complete the sentence.

72. Jim bought ______ a book.
(A) himself
(B) him
(C) themselves
(D) yourself

Direction (Q. No. 73): Choose the correct auxiliary or modal verb out of the given alternatives.

73. I ______ swim across the river when I was young.
(A) could
(B) should
(C) might
(D) must

Direction (Q. No. 74): Select the correct antonym (opposite meaning) of the following.

74. India’s struggle for freedom was led by Mahatama Gandhi.
(A) Liberty
(B) Liberation
(C) Misery
(D) Slavery

Direction (Q.No. 75 – 76): Select the most appropriate word to fill in the blanks in the given sentences.

75. A person who does not believe in the existence of GOD is ______
(A) Bigot
(B) Auditor
(C) Egoist
(D) Atheist

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