The Hindu Editorial (Chabahar tidings: on Indian taking over port operations in Iran) Vocab – 26 Dec, 2018

The opening of the first office of Indian Ports Global Limited at Iran’s Chabahar and the takeover of operations of the Shahid Beheshti port is a milestone in India’s regional connectivity and trade game plan.

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Below is today’s Vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial (Chabahar tidings: on Indian taking over port operations in Iran) – Dec 26, 2018.

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Today’s Vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial (Chabahar tidings: on Indian taking over port operations in Iran) – Dec 26, 2018


  • Tidings (noun) ख़बर
    Meaning – News; information.
    Synonyms – news, report; information.
    Sentence – Recent days brought tidings of an official invitation to Paris.
  • Take over (phrasal verb)
    Meaning – take charge of, take command of, assume responsibility for.
  • Open up (phrasal verb) 
    Meaning – make available (to create/start developing new opportunities).
  • Facilitate (verb) सुविधाजनक बनाना
    Meaning – Make (an action or process) easy or easier.
    Synonyms – make easier, clear the way for, assist/help.
    Sentence – Schools were located in the same campus to facilitate the sharing of resources.
  • Fillip (noun) प्रोत्साहन
    Meaning – Something which acts as a stimulus or boost to an activity.
    Synonyms – stimulus, boost, encouragement.
    Sentence – This is likely to give a fillip to the economy of the State.


  • Logistic (adjective) तार्किक
    Meaning – relating to the commercial activity of transporting goods.
    Sentence – Australia would of necessity be less dependent on the American logistic system.
  • Timely (adjective) – समयोचित
    Meaning – Done or occurring at a favourable or useful time; opportune.
    Synonyms – opportune, appropriate/suitable, well timed, at the right time.
    Sentence – I don’t agree with everything he says but this is thoughtful stuff and timely.
  • Transit trade (noun) – पारगमन व्यापार
    Meaning – the business (of transporting/importing goods) via/through a country to their destination. 
  • In line with (phrase) 
    Meaning – in accordance with. 
  • Fleet (noun) – बेड़ा
    Meaning – a group of vehicles (aircrafts/ships) work together under an organisation.
    Sentence – At the same time, they sent a fleet of 100 ships to the Peloponnese.
  • Set sail (phrase)
    Meaning – put out to sea, leave port/dock/harbour, start a voyage.
  • Prosperity (noun) – समृद्धि
    Meaning – The state of being prosperous.
    Synonyms – wealth, success, the good life/well being.
    Sentence – All need to be strongly represented to ensure the continued prosperity and success of the organisation.
  • Necessarily (adverb) – आवश्यक रूप से
    Meaning – As a necessary result
    Synonyms – unavoidably, inevitably, definitely.
    Sentence – the prognosis can necessarily be only an educated guess
  • Temper (verb) – स्वभाव
    Meaning – Improve the hardness and elasticity of (steel or other metal) by reheating and then cooling it.
    Synonyms – moderate, lessen, modulate.
    Sentence – the way a smith would temper a sword
  • Geopolitical (adjective) – भू-राजनैतिक
    Meaning – relating to (the study of) the effects of geography (human and physical) on politics and international relations.
    Sentence – In three of the six largest oil-producing countries oil supplies are at risk due to geopolitical factors.
  • Waiver (noun) – त्याग
    Meaning – An act or instance of waiving a right or claim.
    Synonyms – renunciation, abandonment, rejection/deferral.
    Sentence – The tuition waivers are also available to all foster children.
  • Sanctions (noun) – प्रतिबंध
    Meaning – A threatened penalty for disobeying a law or rule.
    Synonyms – penalty, punishment, deterrent
    Sentence – If we threaten them with economic sanctions then they’re going to stop it.
  • Upheaval (noun) – उथल-पुथल
    Meaning – A violent or sudden change or disruption to something
    Synonyms – disruption, disorder, turmoil.
    Sentence – Major upheavals in the financial markets.
  • Add to (phrase) 
    Meaning – increase, boost/enhance, reinforce.
  • Reconciliation (noun) – सुलह
    Meaning – The restoration of friendly relations.
    Synonyms – restoration of harmony, resolution, compromise.
    Sentence – His reconciliation with your uncle.
  • Hedge (verb) – बाड़ा
    Meaning – Surround or bound with a hedge.
    Synonyms – safeguard, protect, shield.
    Sentence – At the junction of these roads was a fairly large field hedged all round.
  • Intricate (adjective) – जटिल
    Meaning – Very complicated or detailed.
    Synonyms – complex, complicated, detailed.
    Sentence – The intricate detail and structure of this miniscule world is breathtaking.
  • Criss-cross (verb) आड़ा – तिरछा
    Meaning – A pattern of intersecting straight lines or paths.
    Synonyms – traverse, travel across, go across.
    Sentence – the blotting paper was marked with a criss-cross of different inks
  • Sustained (adjective) – निरंतर
    Meaning – Continuing for an extended period or without interruption.
    Synonyms – continuous, uninterrupted, constant.
    Sentence – Several years of sustained economic growth.
  • Nuanced (adjective) – सूक्ष्म
    Meaning – Characterized by subtle shades of meaning or expression.
    Synonyms – delicate, subtle, accurate.
    Sentence – Lowe’s work has gradually grown more nuanced
  • Stay ahead (phrasal verb) 
    Meaning – to have an advantage; to remain in front.
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