The Hindu Editorial (Course correction? on GST decisions) Vocab – 25 Dec, 2018

Under attack on how the indirect tax regime has panned out, the Goods and Services Tax Council on Saturday announced a set of feel-good moves to reassure diverse stakeholders.

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Below is today’s Vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial (Course correction? on GST decisions) – Dec 25, 2018.

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Today’s Vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial (Course correction? on GST decisions) – Dec 25, 2018


  • Optics (noun) – प्रकाशिकी
    Meaning – (typically in a political situation) the way in which an event is recognized by the public.
    Sentence – One thing is for sure, the policy’s optics are bad.
  • Pan out (phrasal verb)
    Meaning – conclude, end up; turn out/work out. 
  • Diverse (adjective) विविध
    Meaning – Showing a great deal of variety; very different.
    Synonyms – various, multiple, manifold.
    Sentence – A culturally diverse population.
  • Stakeholder (noun) हितधारक
    Meaning – a person with an interest in something.
    Sentence – Online privacy is of interest to many different stakeholders in the Internet society.
  • Compliance (noun) अनुपालन
    Meaning – The state or fact of according with or meeting rules or standards.
    Synonyms – observation, adherence, conformity.
    Sentence – The application for registration has been drawn in compliance with European standards.
  • Niggle (noun) – तुच्छ चीज़ करना, बेकार की बात बढ़ाना
    Meaning – A trivial criticism
    Synonyms – minor annoyance, trivial objection, discomfort.
    Sentence – He can only throw underarm at the moment because of a niggle.
  • Dangle (verb) – लटकना, झूलना
    Meaning –Offer (an enticing incentive) to someone.
    Synonyms – offer; entice/lure/tempt someone with.
    Sentence – The French eventually tried to break the stalemate by dangling a lure in front of Gen. Giap.
  • Fungible (adjective) – प्रतिस्थापित
    Meaning – (of goods contracted for without an individual specimen being specified) replaceable by another identical item; mutually interchangeable.
    Synonyms – mutually interchangeable/replacable.
    Sentence – It is by no means the worlds only fungible commodity.
  • Set off against (phrasal verb)
    Meaning – compare, connect, equate.
  • Last but not least (phrase) 
    Meaning – used to say equally important thing even if it is mentioned finally. 
  • Accommodative (adjective) – उदार
    Synonyms – accommodating, cooperative, helpful.
    Sentence – Their accommodative nature is now fuelling inflation levels.
  • Anyone’s guess (phrase) 
    Meaning – very difficult to know something.
  • Reverse (noun) पराजय
    Meaning – An adverse change of fortune; a setback or defeat.
    Synonyms – failure, setback, hardship/upset.
    Sentence – United suffered their heaviest reverse of the season.
  • Rationalisation (noun) युक्तिकरण
    Meaning – an act of justifying an inappropriate behaviour/attitude.
    Sentence – Most people are prone to self-deceptive rationalisation.


  • Prudently (adverb) – बुद्धिमानी से, सावधानी से
    Meaning – In a way that shows care and thought for the future.
    Synonyms – wisely, sensibly, carefully.
    Sentence – We must act prudently to safeguard jobs.
  • Apparent (adjective) स्पष्ट
    Meaning – Clearly visible or understood; obvious.
    Synonyms – evident/clear, noticeable, ostensible.
    Sentence – For no apparent reason she laughed.
  • Yield (verb) प्राप्ति
    Meaning – Produce or provide (a natural, agricultural, or industrial product)
    Synonyms – produce, generate, give.
    Sentence – the land yields grapes and tobacco
  • Impending (adjective) आसन्न
    Meaning – Be about to happen
    Synonyms – nearing, imminent, forthcoming/about to happen.
    Sentence – We notice that we have now drawn attention to the album’s impending arrival.
  • Lobby (verb) समर्थक वर्ग
    Meaning – Seek to influence (a legislator) on an issue.
    Synonyms – try to persuade; call on, urge.
    Sentence – They insist on their right to lobby Congress.
  • The powers that be (TPTB) (phrase) 
    Meaning – the authorities, the legislature, the government.
  • Wary (adjective) – सावधान
    Meaning – Feeling or showing caution about possible dangers or problems.
    Synonyms – cautious, careful, circumspect.
    Sentence – He was truly despairing, but the muted female voice was firm, but understandably wary.


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