IB ACIO-II Executive Exam 2017 Solved Paper in English

ENGLISH SECTION (Question 76 – 100)

76. “To decamp” would mean:
(a) To remove tent
(b) To evict campers
(c) To decrease pressure
(d) To leave suddenly

77. Which pair is wrongly matched?
(a) Discreet : Separate
(b) Gamut : Whole
(c) Exacerbated: Increased
(d) Allude : Escape

78. Identify the correct pair :
(a) Elude : Dodge
(b) Allude: Escape
(c) Forbear
(d) Latter : Afterwards

79. A devil’s advocate would be:
(a) An evil person
(b) A counter argument presenter
(c) Advocate of a criminal
(d) Unregistered advocate

80. Satish heard it from the horse’s mouth means:
(a) From an authoritative source
(b) From a close friend
(c) From the closest family member
(d) From his boss

81. Satish is seated __________ Sunita.
(a) Besides
(b) Beside
(c) Clearly
(d) Closest

82. Identify the incorrect pair :
(a) Moot : Debatable
(b) Singularly : Individually
(c) Regimen : Prescription
(d) Sever : Detach

83. ‘I haven’t studied a lot lately’. Here, ‘lately’ is a/an
(a) Adverb
(b) Adjective
(c) Noun
(d) Preposition

84. Which sentence of following is correct?
(a) The flowers was arranged carefully.
(b) The meeting start promptly at 1100.
(c) Computers save time.
(d) Lightning strike indiscriminately.

85. Identify the incorrect sentence:
(a) None of the minutes was wasted.
(b) None of the time was wasted.
(c) Is any of the pizza left?
(d) None of the above.

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Answer – (A)

86. Among the two statements:
(i) Either Satish or Sejal takes out the garbage.
(ii) Each of these prescriptions have side effects.
(a) Both are correct
(b) (i) is correct, (ii) is incorrect
(c) (i) is incorrect, (ii) is correct
(d) Both are incorrect.

87. Choose the sentence that has incorrect form of words:
(a) When will you bring you’re pictures to work?
(b) It is your responsibility to go into details.
(c) If you’re planning to attend, do let me know.
(d) None of above.

88. I _________ her speak on Friday night about the advantages of organic gardening.
(a) will have heard
(b) would hear
(c) Would have heard
(d) will hear

89. Choose an incorrect/incomplete sentence:
(a) The children in the park, including all those on the swings.
(b) Sarita is an excellent school teacher.
(c) She couldn’t believe the premise of the story.
(d) I saw Dr. Ghosh because Dr. Khan was on leave.

90. What is not correct if nest is to bird?
(a) Hangar is to aircraft
(b) Vault is to money
(c) Orchestra is to music
(d) Wine is to bees

91. The exact opposite of ‘Lascivious’ would mean:
(a) Devoted
(b) Chaste
(c) Fluid
(d) Manifest

92. ‘Repercussion’ would mean:
(a) Reaction
(b) Concussion
(c) Recollection
(d) Clever reply

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Answer – (A)

93. ______ to go out to an Italian restaurant to night?
(a) Do you like
(b) Are you liking
(c) You like
(d) Would you like

94. Excuse me, _________ time please?
(a) You have the
(b) What is
(c) Have you got the
(d) what

95. He likes reading. He was a ____ reader. (Fill in the best fitting word)
(a) Anxious

(b) Enthusiastic
(c) Voracious
(d) Fervent

96. I remember my sister taking me to the museum. (Choose the best fit among the alternatives)
(a) I remember I was taken to the museum.
(b) I remember being taken to the museum by my sister.
(c) I remember myself being taken to the museum by my sister.
(d) I remember taken to the museum by my sister.

97. ‘To make a clean breast of’ means:
(a) To gain prominence
(b) To praise oneself
(c) To confess everything
(d) To destroy everything

98. ‘To be above board’ means:
(a) To have a good height
(b) To be honest
(c) To have no debts
(d) To be beautiful

99. That which cannot be corrected means:
(a) Unintelligible
(b) Indelible
(c) Illegible
(d) Incorrigible

100. State in which the few govern the many is called:
(a) Monarchy
(b) Oligarchy
(c) Plutocracy
(d) Autocracy

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Answer – (B)


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