IB ACIO-II Executive Exam 2017 Solved Paper in English

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21. Find the sum of first 30 natural numbers
(a) 470
(b) 468
(c) 465
(d) 463

22. 56% of Y is 182. What is Y?
(a) 350
(b) 364
(c) 325
(d) 330

23. Which of the following two ratios is greater 17 : 18 and 10 : 11?
(a) 17/18
(b) 10/11
(c) Both are same
(d) Cannot determine

24. In a palace, supplies are available for 35 days for only 75 people. 15 Guests arrive in the palace for vacation on day 1 itself. For how many days will these supplies be sufficient for all these people?
(a) 90 days
(b) 29.1 days
(c) 42 days
(d) 22.5 days

25. If difference between Compound Interest & Simple Interest on a certain sum of money for 2 yrs. @ 5% p.a. is Rs. 122. Find the sum?
(a) Rs. 14000
(b) Rs. 15000
(c) Rs. 16000
(d) Rs. 48800

26. 2017 India – ASEAN Youth Summit was held from 14th – 19th August, 2017 in:
(a) New Delhi
(b) Mumbai
(c) Bhopal
(d) Chennai

27. Under project ‘Navika Sagar Parikrama’ which will commence in September 2017 a team of women officers of the Indian Navy would circumnavigate the globe on an Indian built sail boat named:
(a) INSV Durga
(b) INSV Sindhu
(c) INSV Amba
(d) INSV Tarini

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Answer – (D)

28. On August 18, 2017, which Asian country launched its first cyber court specializing in handling Internet-related cases?
(a) Japan
(b) China
(c) South Korea
(d) Thailand

29. On August 18, 2017, Power Grid Corporation announced that it will get a loan of $500 million from which international financial institution for its various projects?
(a) Asian Development Bank
(b) World Bank
(c) International Monetary Fund
(d) New Development Bank

30. Who among the following cricketer has continued to be the world’s top-ranked Oneday batsman in the latest ICC ODI rankings, released in Dubai on August 18, 2017?
(a) Virat Kohli
(b) David Warner
(c) AB De Villiers
(d) Joe Root

31. Who among the following has won a silver medal in the javelin throw at the first World Para Athletics Junior Championships in Nottwil, Switzerland?
(a) Prince Ahuja
(b) Jatinder singh
(c) Prakash Jaishankar
(d) Rinku Hooda

32. “Requisitioning and Acquisition of immovable Property (Amendment) Bill, 2017”, a bill providing for amendment to the regulations governing compensation amount payable at the time of acquisition of immovable property by the central government was introduced in the Lok Sabha on July 18, 2017. This bill is an amendment to the original act that came into force in:
(a) 1952
(b) 1951
(c) 1950
(d) 1949

33. A bill providing for setting up of the Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy in _______ was introduced in the Lok Sabha on July 18, 2017
(a) Punjab
(b) Haryana
(c) Telangana
(d) Andhra Pradesh

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Answer – (D)

34. The best example of the extinction of species due to man’s intervention is
(a) Kiwi
(b) Dodo
(c) Przewalski’s horse
(d) Bustard

35. Which of following utilises sunlight in a direct fashion?
(a) Photo voltaic cell
(b) Solar thermal cells
(c) Bio gas production
(d) Both (a) and (b)

36. In ‘Internet’ term WWWW, the 4th W stands for
(a) Web
(b) Worm
(c) Wreck
(d) Wsjk

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Answer – (B)
WWWW – World wide web worm

37. IPv6 addresses have a size of:
(a) 64 bits
(b) 128 bits
(c) 256 bits
(d) 512 bits

38. The Constitution of India recognises :
(a) Only religious minorities
(b) Only linguistic minorities
(c) Religious and Linguistic minorities
(d) Religious, Linguistic and Ethnic minorities

39. During which of the following Mughal Emperor’s rule, number of Hindus employed by Emperor’s Administration was the highest?
(a) Humayun
(b) Akbar
(c) Shahjahan
(d) Aurangzeb

40. The Mansabdari system introduced by Akbar was borrowed from the system followed in
(a) Afghanistan
(b) Turkey
(c) Mongolia
(d) Persia

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