Idioms Beginning With ‘H’

Idioms Meaning

Halcyon days

Peaceful days (खुशगवार दिन)
Hammer and sickle A symbolic representation of commu-nism in general. (समाजवाद का प्रतीक)
Hammer and tongs With great effort or energy. (बहुत अधिक मेहनत से)
Hand and glove with In close co-operation. (अच्छे सहयोग से)
Hang by a thread Be in a risky situation. (बहुत नाजुक स्थिति में)
Hard nut to crack A difficult problem to solve/ A person difficult to understand. (जटिलसमस्या/व्यक्ति)
Haul over the coals To take to task, to reprimand. (कोसना)
Have finger in the pie To be involved in something. (किसी कार्य में शामिल रहना)
Have one’s hands full To be completely occupied. (काम की कमी नहीं होना)
Have one’s way The way one wants. (अपनी इच्छा के अनुसार)
Have several irons in the fire To be involved in many projects or activities at the same time. (एक ही समय कई कार्यों में शामिल होना)
High and dry In a deprived situation (alone). (अकेला)
High handed Overbearing (निरंकुश)
High living Living with comfort and ease. (ऐश आरण की जिन्दगी)
Hit below the belt To strike unfairly. (गलत तरीके से प्रहार करना)
Hit the jackpot Gaining a big/ great success (speci-ally by luck). (बड़ी कमियाबी मिलाना)
Hit the nail on the head To do the right thing at the right time (सही समय पर सही कार्य करना)
Hole and corner policy Secret policy (गुप्त निति)
Hue and cry Any loud public outcry (हो हल्ला)
Hale and hearty Healthy and sound (पूर्ण रूप से स्वस्थ होना)
Half hearted Lacking enthusiasm (बे मन से)
Hand in glove Very close (घनिष्ठ सम्बन्ध होना)
Hair breadth escape Narrow escape (बाल-बाल बचना )
Hard and fast rule Rule that cannot be broken and modified (सख्त नियम)
Hard and fast Strict (सख्त)
Hard of hearing Somewhat deaf (ऊँचा सुनना)
Hard pressed In difficulties (परेशानी में होना)
Hard up Short of money (पैसे की तंगी)
Have the last laugh To be victorious in an argument (तर्क-वितर्क में आखिरकार विजय होना)
Hear of To get the news about (समाचार मिलना)
Heart and soul With full energy (पूरे मन से )
Helter skelter In disorderly haste (बहुत अधिक जल्दबाजी में)
Hen pecked husband A husband under the control of his wife (जोरू का गुलाम)
Herculean task A work requiring very great effort (कठिन कार्य)
High time Already late (पहले से देरी होना)
His own doing Caused by himself (स्वयं के कारण)
Hobson’s choice No choice at all (कोई विकल्प न होना)
Hold back To control expression, Not to reveal (व्यक्त करने से रोकना, छुपा लेना)
Hold down To prevent by force (जबरदस्ती नियंत्रित करना)
Hold on To keep something in a position (पकड़कर रखना)
Hold one’s head high Be proud of (गर्व करना)
Hold out To resist (प्रतिरोध करना)
Hold with To approve (सहमत होना)
Hoping against hope To have very little chance of success (सफल होने की बहुत कम संभावना होना)
Hush money Bribe paid to secure silence (चुप्पी बनाये रखने के लिए रिश्वत देना)
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