Idioms Beginning With ‘K’

Idioms Meaning
Keep up appearance to keep one’s prestige/ to maintain outward show (बाहरी दिखावा बनाये रखना)
Kick one’s heels wait impatiently to be summoned (बुलावे के लिए बेसब्री से इंतजार करना)
Kick the bucket to die (मर जाना)
Kill the fat calf for to arrange a lavish reception for someone (किसी का धूमधाम से स्वागत करना)
Kiss the dust to be humiliated (अपमानित होना)
Knock against to hit against (टक्कर खाना)
Kangaroo court An illegal court (गैर-क़ानूनी न्यायालय)
Keep one’s cards close to one’s chest Hiding something (किसी बात को छिपाना)
Keep one’s fingers crosses To wait expectantly. (किसी अच्छी घटना के होने की कामना करना)
Keep one’s word To keep one’s promise. (प्रतिज्ञा पूरी करना)
Keep the ball rolling To maintain the progress of a project or plan. (जारी रखना)
Keep the wolf from the door To avert poverty/ starvation. (दरिद्रता से संघर्ष करना )
Kill two birds with one stone Doing two things at the same time while effort is made for one (एक कार्य करके दो समस्याओं से निपट लेना)
Kith and kin Blood relations. (बन्धु-बान्धव)
Keep abreast of not to fall behind (पीछे नरह जाना)
Keep an eye on to watch (नजर रखना)
Keep an open table to entertain all (सब का स्वागत करना)
Keep at an arm’s length to keep at a distance (दूरीबना कर रखना)
Keep at bay To keep someone at a distance (दूरी रखना)
Keep body and soul together to be able to pay for just those things that you need in order to live (सिर्फ जीवन-यापन भर का जुगाड़ कर पाना)
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