Idioms Beginning With ‘E’ and ‘F’

Idioms Beginning With ‘E’ 

Eagle eyed With keen eyesight (तेज नजर वाला)
Eat humble pie To apologize. (शर्मीन्दगी झेलना )
Eat one’s words Take a statement back. (शब्द वापस लेना)
Elbow room Sufficient scope to move or function. (काम करने की स्वतंत्रता )
End in smoke Come to nothing. (कोई परिणाम न निकलना)
Escape one’s lips Speak unintentionally or unexpectedly. (बोल जाना)
Eat into To weaken (खोखला करना)
Elbow grease To flatter superiors (ऊंचे लोगों की चापलूसी करना)
End up To do something finally (आखिरकार कर पाना)


Idioms Beginning With ‘F’ 

Fabian policy Deliberate slow policy/ policy of delaying decisions. (सावधानीपूर्ण मन्दगति नीति )
Fair and square In an honest way (निष्पक्ष )
Fair sex   Women. (नारी जाति )
Fair weather friend Selfish friends who are with us (मुसीबत में साथ न देने वाला मित्र)
Face to face Personally (व्यक्तिरूप रूप से)
Fall apart To break into pieces (बिखर जाना)
Fall back on To use as a last resort (कठिनाई के समय में किसी चीज का प्रयोग कुरा)
Fall for To fall in love with (आकर्षित होना)
Fallout (with) To quarrel with (झगड़ा होना)
Far and wide All around (चारों ओर)
Feel about To do something by touching (छूकर महसूस करना)
Feel like To be exçfted to do something (किसी काम को करने का इच्छुक होना)
Fell into the line Become orderly (सुव्यवस्थित होना)
Fight to the bitter end To carry on a contest (संघर्ष जारी रखना)
Figure 0ut To understand (समझ पाना)
Fish for To try to win favour (प्रयास करना (प्रशंसा आदि प्राप्त करने का))
For good Permanently (स्थायी रूप से)
Free for all Uncontrollable situation (अनियंत्रित स्थिति)
French leave Absent without information (बिना अनुमति के अनुपस्थित होना)
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