The Hindu Editorial (Wilful on defaulters? : On RBI) Vocab – 06 Nov, 2018

The Reserve Bank of India finds itself in the midst of another tangle. The Central Information Commission (CIC) has directed RBI Governor Urjit Patel to show cause

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Below is today’s Vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial (Wilful on defaulters? : On RBI) – Nov 06, 2018.

Read This Article: – Wilful on defaulters? : On RBI

Today’s Vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial (Wilful on defaulters? : On RBI)  – Nov 06, 2018

  • Wilful (adjective) – जान-बूझकर
    Meaning – (of a bad or harmful act) intentional

    Synonyms – deliberate, intentional, purposeful.
    Sentence – 
    She was found not guilty of a third charge of wilful neglect.
  • Defaulter (noun)दोषी, ऋणशोधनाक्षम
    Meaning – 
    a person who is (purposefully) not repaying banks/lenders’ debt on time for various reasons.
    Synonyms – non-payer, debt dodger, bankrupt.
    Sentence – The Revenue Commissioners confirmed that 201 tax defaulters made settlements of over 12,700 in their last report published in December.
  • Tangle (noun) – उलझन, घपलेबाज़ी
    Meaning – Twist together into a confused mass.

    Synonyms – muddle, mix-up, confusion.
    Sentence – She was tangling the phone cord with her index finger.
  • Ostensible (adjective) – ख़याली, काल्पनिक
    Meaning – Stated or appearing to be true, but not necessarily so.
    Synonyms – apparent, seeming, alleged/purported.
    Sentence – It is, after all, made up of ostensible competitors who are allied for the common good.
  • Defiance (noun) – आज्ञा का उल्लंघन करना
    Meaning – Open resistance; 
    Synonyms – non-compliance, disobedience; resistance/disregard.
    Sentence – An act of defiance.
  • Come down on (phrasal verb) 
    Meaning – criticize, reprimand, rebuke.
  • Uphold (verb) – कायम रखना, संभालना
    Meaning – 
    Confirm or support (something which has been questioned)
    Synonyms – confirm, endorse, validate/justify.
    Sentence – The court upheld his claim for damages.
  • At large (phrase)
    Meaning – as a whole, generally, in general.
  • Statutory (adjective) – वैधानिक, कानूनी
    Meaning – Required, permitted, or enacted by statute.

    Synonyms – legitimate, permissible, admissible.
    Sentence – 
    Statutory controls over prices
  • Privilege (verb) – विशेषाधिकार, 
    Meaning – A special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group.
    Synonyms – immune, protect, exempt (from obligation).
    Sentence – Education is a right, not a privilege.
  • Burgeoning (adjective) – तेजी से बढ़ते
    Meaning – Begin to grow or increase rapidly.

    Synonyms – growing, increasing rapidly, expand.
    Sentence – Manufacturers are keen to cash in on the burgeoning demand.
  • Admission (noun) – दाखिला, स्वीकृति
    Meaning – A statement acknowledging the truth of something.
    Synonyms – acknowledgement, acceptance, recognition.
    Sentence – I start this piece with the admission that I have been an abject failure.
  • Gravity (noun) – गंभीरता
    Meaning – Extreme importance
    Synonyms – seriousness, importance, significance.
    Sentence – Crimes of the utmost gravity.
  • Invoke (verb) – आह्वान, विनती करना
    Meaning – Call on (a deity or spirit) in prayer.
    Synonyms –cause, give rise to, bring out/evoke.
    Sentence – I continue to invoke the Holy Spirit; I rely on the Word.
  • Fiduciary (adjective) – ज़िम्मेदार व्यक्ति
    Meaning – Involving trust
    Synonyms – trustful, trustworthy.
    Sentence – The company has a fiduciary duty to shareholders.
  • Comply with (verb) – पालन करना
    Meaning – Act in accordance with a wish or command.
    Synonyms – abide by, adhere to, conform to.
    Sentence – We are unable to comply with your request.
  • Rhetorically (adverb) कृत्रिम तथा अत्युक्तिपूर्ण शैली में
    Meaning – In terms of rhetoric or speech intended to impress or persuade.

    Synonyms – bombastically, oratorically, extravagantly.
    Sentence – He and his writers are very intelligent, and seem to know just how to rhetorically back people into logical corners.
  • Unsparing (adjective) – निर्मम, बेरहम
    Meaning – Merciless; severe.
    Synonyms – strict, stringent, demanding, rigorous.
    Sentence – He is unsparing in his criticism of the arms trade.
  • Forthcoming (adjective) – आगामी, उपलब्ध
    Meaning – About to happen or appear.

    Synonyms – communicative, informative, expressive.
    Sentence – The FBI is currently investigating, and thus far no announcements appear forthcoming.
  • Contemplate (verb) – चिंतन करना, विचार करना
    Meaning – Look thoughtfully for a long time at.

    Synonyms – think, ponder, consider.
    Sentence – He contemplated his image in the mirrors.
  • Warrant (verb) – इख़्तियार, अधिकार, अधिपत्र
    Meaning – A document issued by a legal or government official authorizing the police or another body to make an arrest, search premises, or carry out some other action relating to the administration of justice.
    Synonyms – justify, vindicate, call for.
    Sentence – Magistrates issued a warrant for his arrest.
  • Malafide (adjective) – बुरे इरादे से
    Meaning – In bad faith;

    Sentence – A mala fide abuse of position.
  • Onus (noun) – भार, बोझ, कर्तव्य
    Meaning – Something that is one’s duty or responsibility.
    Synonyms – responsibility, duty, burden.
    Sentence – The onus is on you to show that you have suffered loss.
  • Behove (verb) – उपयुक्त होना, योग्य होना
    Meaning – It is a duty or responsibility for someone to do something.
    Synonyms – be obligatory for, be suitable for, be appropriate for.
    Sentence – If I tell people what I am doing it behoves me to do something!
  • To start with (phrase)
    Meaning – at first, at the outset, in the beginning.
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