The Hindu Editorial (Nudged into action) Vocab – 19 Jan, 2019

It should have never come to this on the Lokpal. That it requires a Supreme Court order to nudge the government to make any progress towards establishing the anti-graft institution is a poor commentary on its functioning. 

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Below is today’s Vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial (Nudged into action: on the Lokpal Act) – Jan 19, 2019.

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Today’s Vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial (Nudged into action: on the Lokpal Act) – Jan 19, 2019


  • Nudge (verb) 
    Meaning – Coax or gently encourage (someone) to do something. 
    Synonyms – encourage, prompt, stimulate/coax.
    Sentence – We have to nudge the politicians in the right direction.
  • Graft (noun) कलम, एक तरह से घूस लेना
    Meaning – Bribery and other corrupt practices used to secure illicit advantages or gains in politics or business. 
    Synonyms – corruption, bribery.
    Sentence – Public procurement laws also need urgent reform to prevent graft and corruption.
  • Commentary (noun) – टीका, समीक्षा
    Meaning – A descriptive spoken account (especially on a broadcast) of an event or performance as it happens. 
    Synonyms – explanation/, interpretation/review, analysis.
    Sentence – A live commentary on radio.
  • Assent (noun) – अनुमति
    Meaning – The expression of approval or agreement. 
    Synonyms – consent, approval, acceptance.
    Sentence – There were murmurs of assent before the messenger replied.
  • Set up (phrasal verb)
    Meaning – establish, start, begin.  
  • Groundwork (noun) – नींव, मूलसिद्धांत
    Meaning – Preliminary or basic work. 
    Synonyms –  fundamentals, preparations, preparatory measures.
    Sentence – The official picked a site where there was no groundwork needed to the right of the square.
  • Composition (noun) – रचना, संयोजन
    Meaning – The action of putting things together; formation or construction. 
    Synonyms – formation, structure, organization.
    Sentence – The composition of a new government was announced in November.
  • Diverse (adjective) – विविध
    Meaning – Showing a great deal of variety; very different. 
    Synonyms – various, multiple, manifold.
    Sentence – A culturally diverse population.
  • Expedite (verb) – शीघ्र
    Meaning – Make (an action or process) happen sooner or be accomplished more quickly. 
    Synonyms – speed up, accelerate, hurry.
    Sentence – He promised to expedite economic reforms.
  • Handicap (verb) – अपंगता, अक्षमता
    Meaning – A circumstance that makes progress or success difficult. 
    Synonyms – hamper, hinder; obstruct.
    Sentence – One must keep in mind the primary handicap of human beings in such circumstances.
  • Admonish (verb) – धिक्कारना, चेताना, डाँटना
    Meaning – Advise or urge (someone) earnestly. 
    Synonyms – warn, caution, criticize/red flag.
    Sentence – She admonished him to drink no more than one glass of wine.
  • Brush aside (phrasal verb) 
    Meaning – dismiss, disregard, ignore. 
  • Eminent (adjective) प्रख्यात, विख्यात
    Meaning –  (of a person) famous and respected within a particular sphere.
    Synonyms – distinguished, renowned, esteemed.
    Sentence – One of the world’s most eminent statisticians.
  • Jurist (noun) विधिवेत्ता, कानूनविद
    Meaning – an expert in law. 
    Sentence – The statements of jurists are a useful source of insights, but they do not provide a direct solution
  • Rope in (phrasal verb) 
    Meaning – enlist, engage, persuade.  
  • Stick to (phrasal verb) 
    Meaning – adhere to/abide by, keep, hold to. 
  • Endorse (verb) समर्थन
    Meaning –  Declare one’s public approval or support of.
    Synonyms – uphold, support, defend.
    Sentence – The report was endorsed by the college.


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