HPSC Naib Tehsildar Question Paper 2019 (With Official Answer Key)

Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) Conduct the HPSC Naib Tehsildar Exam on 26th May 2019. Haryana Naib Tehsildar Exam Paper 2019 with Answer Key Available Here.- 

Exam – HPSC Naib Tehsildar
Organiser – HPSC (Haryana Public Service Commission)
Subject – General Studies
Date –
26 May 2019 
Total Question –

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HPSC Naib Tehsildar Exam Paper 2019 General Study (With Answer Key)


1. Find a statement that must be true according to the given information :

Suman is twelve years old. For three years, she has been asking her parents for a dog. Her parents have told her that they believe a dog would not be happy in an apartment, but they have given her permission to have a bird. Suman has not yet decided what kind of bird she would like to have.
(A) Suman’s parents like birds better than they like dogs.
(B) Suman does not like birds.
(C) Suman and her parents live in an apartment.
(D) Suman and her parents would like to move out from apartment.

2. Green Shoots Ltd. is in the business of providing IT solutions to businesses. Currently the company is exporting its services to USA and Germany. In 2017, the exports to USA and Germany were in the ratio 5 : 2. The ratio of exports in 2017 to that in 2018 is 5 : 3 for USA, and 2 : 3 for Germany. In 2018, the company started exporting to UK also. Exports to UK constitute 40% of the total exports by Green Shoots Ltd. in 2018.
If the value of exports to Germany in 2017 is 12 million dollars, what is the value of exports to UK in 2018?
(A) 24
(B) 32
(C) 27
(D) 36

3. Statement :
Cases of food poisoning due to consumption of liquor are increasing in rural areas.
Assumptions :
I. Percentage of people consuming liquor is more in rural areas.
II. There are many unauthorized spurious liquor shops in the rural areas.
Based on above statement and assumptions, which of the following is most appropriate ?
(A) Only assumption I is Implicit
(B) Only assumption II is implicit
(C) Both I and II are implicit
(D) Neither I nor II is implicit

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Answer – (B)

4. Which of the following codes is/are the major factors for the location of cotton Textile Industries ?
I. Availability of raw material (Cotton producing area)
II. Density of Population ( Markets)
III. Highly skilled labour
Select the correct code :
(A) Only I
(B) Only I and II
(C) Only III
(D) All I, II and III

5. Which of the following statements are associated with the population growth of any place ?
I. The natural increase in the population plus any net gain from migration.
II. Increase in the density of population.
Which is / are correct option ?
(A) Only I
(B) Only II
(C) Both I and II
(D) Neither I nor II

6. Which of the following is not one of the factors for industrial location ? (A) Market
(B) Population Density
(C) Capital
(D) Power

7. The sequence of scale of map in descending order of different maps will be :
(A) Cadastral map, topographic map, wall map, globe
(B) Globe, cadastral map, topographic map, wall map
(C) Wall map, cadastral map, topographic map, globe
(D) Wall map, globe, topographic map, cadastral map

8. McMahon line is the international border between :
(A) India and Pakistan
(B) India and China
(C) India and Bangladesh
(D) Pakistan and China

9. Which of the following crop is not part of High-Yielding Varieties Programme!
(A) Rice
(B) Wheat
(C) Jowar
(D) Pulses

10. In this question five words are given, which one of then on live words are given, which one of them will come in the middle, if all of them are arranged alphabetically as in a dictionary ?
Butterfly, Butler, Butcher, Button, Butter
(A) Butterfly
(B) Butter
(C) Button
(D) Butcher

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Answer – (B)

Note: The following questions (Question No. 11 to 27) are in Engligh to test the comprehension of the English Language and therefore these questions do not have Hindi Version.

11. Find the word that names a necessary part of the underlined word :
(A) Picture
(B) Image
(C) Mimeograph
(D) Copier

12. What does a formal resignation and renunciation of power means ?
(A) Abdication
(B) Supernumerary
(C) Seclusion
(D) Auxiliary

13. Find the word that completes the bottom row of words:
Fence       Wall          Boundary
Path          Alley          ______
(A) Ramp
(B) Passageway
(C) Airfield
(D) Pedestrian

14. Fill in the gap, with most appropriate word in the following sentence :
People over 65 spend nearly two hours a day ______ physical activities such as walking, cycling or gardening.
(A) exercising
(C) making
(B) having
(D) doing

15. It is appropriate to compensate someone if you have damaged his or her property in some way. This is called Restitution. Which situation below is the best example of ‘Restitution’ ?
(A) Ram borrows Sunil’s camera and the lens shatter falls on the ground, because he fails to zipper the case. When Ram returns the camera, he tells Sunil that he will pay for the repair.
(B) Rita borrows her neighbour’s car and when she returns it, the gas tank is practically empty. She apologizes profusely and tells her neighbour she will be more considerate the next time.
(C) Deepak asks Anil to check-in on his apartment while he is out of town. When Anil arrives, he discovers that a pipe has burst and there is a considerable amount of water damage. He calls a plumber to repair the pipe.
(D) Lalita suspects that the pothole in her company’s parking lot caused her flat tire. She tells her boss that she thinks the company should pay for the repair.

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Answer – (A)

16. English ought to be the official language of the United Kingdom. There is no reason for the government to spend money printing documents in several different languages, just to cater to people who cannot speak English. The government has better ways to spend our money. People who come to this country should learn to speak English right away.
Which of the following, if true, would make the speaker’s argument stronger ?
(A) There is currently a law that says the government must provide people with documents in their native language.
(B) Most people in the United States who do not speak English were born here.
(C) Immigration rates have decreased in recent years.
(D) Many other countries have only one official language.

17. Yoga has become a very popular type of exercise, but it may not be for everyone may not be for everyone. Before you sign yourself up for a yoga class, you need to examine what it is you want from fitness routine. If you’re looking for a high-energy, fast-paced aerobic w class might not be your best choice.
This paragraph best supports the statement that :
(A) Yoga is more popular than high-impact aerobics.
(B) Before embarking on a new exercise regimen, you should think about your needs and desires.
(C) Yoga is changing the world of fitness in major ways.
(D) Yoga benefits your body and mind.

18. Find the word that names a necessary part of the underlined word:
(A) Mouth
(B) Circulation
(C) Oxygen
(D) Carbon monoxide

19. What is the most appropriate meaning of ‘Much ado about nothing’?
(A) Making lot of fuss for a triviality
(B) Making memorable events forgettable
(C) Making things look small
(D) Making things look easy

20. Which word does not belong with the others ?
(A) Unimportant
(B) Trivial
(C) Insignificant
(D) Familiar

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