The Hindu Editorial (Standard deviations: On jobs data) Vocab – 04 Feb, 2019

The resignations of the National Statistical Commission’s acting Chairperson P.C. Mohanan and member J.V. Meenakshi appear linked to the Centre’s refusal to release new data on employment that were due to be made public in December 2018.

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Below is today’s Vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial (Standard deviations: On jobs data) – Feb 04, 2019.

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Today’s Vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial (Standard deviations: On jobs data) – Feb 04, 2019


  • Deviation (noun) – विचलन, भिन्नता
    Meaning – The action of departing from an established course or accepted standard.
    Synonyms – divergence/departure, abnormality, irregularity.
    Sentence – We students will discover two deviations from this ideal this week.
  • Undermine (verb) – कमजोर
    Meaning – Erode the base or foundation of (a rock formation)
    Synonyms – weaken, compromise, subvert.
    Sentence – the flow of water had undermined pillars supporting the roof.
  • Officialdom (noun) – नौकरशाही
    Meaning – civil service officials as a group
    Synonyms – administrative officials, bureaucracy.
    Sentence – He also thinks the country’s officialdom is masterful at manipulation.
  • Unveil (verb) – अनावरण करना
    Meaning – Show or announce publicly for the first time.
    Synonyms – present, announce, disclose/make public.
    Sentence – A raft of new taxes could be brought in under plans unveiled by council chiefs.
  • Flatter (verb) – चापलूसी करना 
    Meaning – Lavish praise and compliments on (someone), often insincerely and with the aim of furthering one’s own interests.
    Synonyms – compliment, praise, commend/admire.
    Sentence – He then went on to flatter them further by complimenting their car parks.
  • Disseminate (verb) – प्रसारित करना
    Meaning – Spread (something, especially information) widely.
    Synonyms – spread, circulate, propagate.
    Sentence – We also made sure that this information was widely disseminated.
  • Lay-down (phrasal verb)
    Meaning – formulate, stipulate, set down.
  • Peer (noun) – सहकर्मी
    Meaning – A person of the same age, status, or ability as another specified person.
    Synonyms – equal, fellow, rival.
    Sentence – he has incurred much criticism from his academic peers.
  • Abound (verb) – प्रचुर मात्रा में
    Meaning – Exist in large numbers or amounts.
    Synonyms – increase, be plentiful, flourish.
    Sentence – Confusion also still abounds as to dates of public holidays.
  • Credible (adjective) – विश्वसनीय
    Meaning – Able to be believed; convincing.
    Synonyms – convincing, acceptable; reasonable/valid.
    Sentence – Few people found his story credible.
  • Quinquennial (adjective) – पाँच वर्ष का समय
    Meaning – relating to something (survey) happening repeatedly at every five years.
    Sentence – They conducted quinquennial reviews.
  • Inexplicably (adverb) – बेवजह
    Meaning – in a way something can not be accountable.
    Synonyms – explainable, understandable
    Sentence – Many clones inexplicably fail to live to adulthood.
  • Junk (verb) – कचरा
    Meaning – Discard or abandon unceremoniously.
    Synonyms – throw away, discard, abandon/shed.
    Sentence – Sort out what could be sold off and junk the rest.
  • Proxy (noun) – प्रतिनिधि
    Meaning – The authority to represent someone else, especially in voting.
    Synonyms – representative, substitute, delegate, agent, surrogate, stand-in, attorney
    Sentence – If you’re away, register to vote by post or by proxy.
  • Tout (verb) – दलाल
    Meaning –  Attempt to sell (something), typically by a direct or persistent approach.
    Synonyms – advertise/publicize, promote; endorse/urge.
    Sentence – Sanjay was touting his wares.
  • Call out (phrasal verb)
    Meaning – draw attention to objectionable behaviour.
  • Coy (adjective) – संकोची
    Meaning – (especially with reference to a woman) making a pretence of shyness or modesty which is intended to be alluring.
    Synonyms – shy, modest, timid, retiring.
    Sentence – Everyone else acts coy, stupid, and young throughout the rest of episode.
  • Gambit (noun) – पहला क़दम
    Meaning – An act or remark that is calculated to gain an advantage, especially at the outset of a situation.
    Synonyms – strategy, plan, scheme (to gain an advantage).
    Sentence – His resignation was a tactical gambit.
  • Linger (verb) – विलम्ब या देरी करना
    Meaning – Be slow to disappear or die.
    Synonyms – persist, stay, remain.
    Sentence – The tradition seems to linger on.
  • Upend (verb) – समाप्त कर देना
    Meaning – turn something upside down
    Synonyms – reverse, overturn, invert.
    Sentence – She upended a can of soup over the portions.


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