CDS I Exam 2019 – English Paper (Answer Key)

UPSC conduct the CDS (Combined Defence Services) I Exam – 2019. CDS I 2019 Paper held on 03 Feb 2019. This paper is English Section. CDS I 2019 English Paper Answer Key available here.

Exam  – CDS I 2019
Organized by – UPSC
Subject – English
Date of Exam – 03 – Feb – 2019
Number of Question  –


UPSC CDS (I) 2019 Exam Paper 
Subject – English 


Directions :
Each item in this section consists of a sentence with an underlined word followed by four words. Select the option that is opposite in meaning to the underlined word and mark your response on your Answer Sheet accordingly.

1. His religious views are rather fanatical.
(a) bigoted
(b) rabid
(c) moderate
(d) militant

2. Religious fundamentalists often consider the followers of other religions to be heretics.
(a) dissenter
(b) believer
(c) renegade
(d) apostate

3. According to GB Shaw, men have become inert. Therefore, life force has chosen women to perform its functions.
(a) lively
(b) quiescent
(c) dormant
(d) apathetic

4. Some of the men are highly misanthropic.
(a) anti-social
(b) philosophic
(c) atrophic
(d) philanthropic

5. The teacher was a very profound man.
(a) sincere
(b) erudite
(c) scholarly
(d) superficial

6. His hand-writing is readable.
(a) well-written
(b) decipherable
(c) illegible
(d) comprehensible

7. Mohan is his steadfast friend.
(a) committed
(b) unwavering
(c) unfaltering
(d) unreliable

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8. Radha often goes tempestuous while debating
(a) calm
(b) violent
(c) fierce
(d) vehement

9. The thief had very vital information to pass on to the police.
(a) crucial
(b) inessential
(c) indispensable
(d) fundamental

10. His lectures are often wordy and pointless.
(a) diffuse
(b) concise
(c) garrulous
(d) voluble


Directions :
Each of the following items in this section consists of a sentence, the parts of which have been jumbled. These parts have been labelled as P, Q, R and S. Given below each sentence are four sequences namely (a), (b), (c) and (d). You are required to re-arrange the jumbled parts of the sentence and mark your response accordingly.

11. the prize money (P)/ for refusing her (Q)/ Pepsico was ordered (R)/ to compensate the woman (S)
(a) R S Q P
(b) S P Q R
(C) R P S Q
(d) Q R S P

12. trade operating from a colony (Р) / held a meeting (Q) / demanding a probe into the illegal drug (R) / the residents of the city (S)
(a) Q R S P
(b) S P Q R
(c) S Q R P
(d) R S Q P

13. the university authorities cancelled the ongoing students’ union election and (P) / following students’ unrest on campus (Q) / closed till further orders (R) / declared the institution (S)
(a) Q R S P
(b) Q P S R
(c) S Q R P
(d) R S Q P

14. brushed past the latter’s pet dog (P) / stabbed to death by a man (Q) / after his vehicle accidentally (R) / a cargo van driver was allegedly (S)
(a) Q R S P
(b) Q P S R
(c) S Q R P
(d) S Q P R

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15. an earthquake and tsunami (P) / the disaster mitigation agency (Q) / said that the death toll from (R) / in Indonesia has crossed 1500 (S)
(a) P Q S R
(b) R P S Q
(c) S Q R P
(d) Q R P S

16 scientists say they have developed a new (P) / illnesses such as heart disease and cancer (Q) / DNA tool that uses machine learning to accurately (R) / predict people’s height and assess their risk for serious (S)
(a) P R S Q
(b) R P S Q
(c) P S R Q
(d) Q R P S

17. a rare evergreen tree in the Southern Western Ghats (P) / researchers have found that (Q) / common white-footed ants are the best pollinators of (R) / bees might be the best known pollinators but (S)
(a) P R S Q
(b) S Q R P
(c) Q S R P
(d) P Q R S

18. say from their forties onwards (P) / it is thus a good idea (Q) / and continue to exercise early enough (R) / for senior citizens to start (S)
(a) P R S Q
(b) Q R S P
(c) O S R P
(d) P Q R S

19. scientists have determined (P) / injury in animals and humans (Q) / that is linked to the severity of spinal cord (R) / a gene signature (S)
(a) P S R O
(b) Q R P S
(c) Q S P R
(d) P Q R S

20. like a muscle and repeating the process (P) / and stable reading circuit (Q) / helps the child build a strong (R) / the brain works (S)
(a) Q S R P
(b) S P R Q
(c) Q S P R
(d) R O P S


  1. 7. Dude! The meaning of steadfast is unfaltering! They asked for the antonyms… it’s unreliable.

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