UKPCS ACF (Pre) Exam 2019 in English (Official Answer Key)

Uttarakhand Public Service Commission Conduct the UKPCS ACF (Assistant Conservator of Forest) (Pre) Exam – 2019 on 03 November, 2019. UKPCS ACF (Assistant Conservator of Forest) (Pre) Exam – 2019 with Answer Key available here.

Exam – Uttarakhand Assistant Conservator of Forest (Pre)
Organizer –

Subject – General Studies and General Aptitude Test
Total Question – 150
Date – 03 November, 2019

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UKPCS ACF (Assistant Conservator of Forest) (Pre) Exam – 2019 (Official Answer Key)

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1. Who won the “Miss Diva-2018” title ?
(a) Shilpa Saklani
(b) Nehal Chudasma
(c) Tanya Purohit
(d) Chitranshi Rawat

2. The capital of the Katyuri rulers was
(a) Srinagar
(b) Almora
(c) Kartikeyapur
(d) Mordhwaj

3. The last king of ‘Tehri State’ was
(a) Sudarshan Shah
(b) Narendra Shah
(c) Kirti Shah
(d) Manvendra Shah

4. After Sindhushree Khullar, who has been appointed the CEO of NITI Aayog?
(a) Arvind Pangaria
(b) Tarsem Gujral
(c) Arun Jaitley
(d) Amitabh Kant

5. The fault line occurring at South of the Shiwalik ranges in Uttarakhand is known as
(a) Trans-Himalayan Thrust
(b) Main Central Thrust
(c) Main Boundary Fault
(d) Himalayan Front Fault

6. Among the following which one is the main source of energy, in Uttarakhand ?
(a) Thermal power
(b) Natural gas
(c) Hydro power
(d) Geothermal power

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Answer – (C)

7. ‘Vandematram Yojna’ is related to
(a) Pregnant women
(b) Ex-Army personnels
(c) State Andolankaris
(d) Handicapped persons

8. Land slide tragedy of Malpa (Pithoragarh) took place on
(a) August 1992
(b) August 1998
(c) July 2004
(d) June 2013

9. Who won two silver medals for Uttarakhand in the 16th National Open Para Badminton Championship held at Chennai in the last week of September 2015 A.D. ?
(a) Prem Kumar
(b) P. Kashyap
(c) Saina Nehwal
(d) P. Padukone

10. The only Civilian to participate in Indian Air Force launched operation to rescue the victims of Kedarnath flash floods of 2013 is
(a) Yogendra Rana
(b) Yogesh Semwal
(c) Harinder Rawat
(d) Prem Kumar

11. Where was the poet Viren Dangwal born ?
(a) Faizabad
(b) Lucknow
(c) Kirtinagar (Dist., Tehri-Garhwal)
(d) Gairsain (Dist. Chamoli)

12. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act was implemented in India in the year :
(a) 2000
(b) 2002
(c) 2006
(d) 2010

13. Which of the following country was the winner wing country was the winner of ICC Women Cricket World Cup in 2018?
(a) South Africa
(b) Australia
(c) India
(d) England

14. When was Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana launched in India?
(a) May 2010
(b) August 2012
(c) August 2014
(d) 2nd October, 2015

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Answer – (C)

15. What is the amount of Life Insurance under Pradhan Mantri Jeewan Jyoti Bima Yojana ?
(a) ₹ 50,000
(b) ₹ 1.00 Lakh
(c) ₹ 1.50 Lakh
(d) ₹ 2.00 Lakh

16. Which one of the following authorities is authorised by the Constitution to impose reasonable restrictions on Fundamental Rights ?
(a) Parliament
(b) Supreme Court
(c) President of India
(d) Election Commission

17. According to Constitution of India the Upper House of State Legislature can be created or abolished by
(a) State Legislature Assembly
(b) Parliament of India
(c) Governor of State
(d) Presidential order

18. The Right To Information Act, 2005 aims at
(a) Promoting Transparency in Administration
(b) Promoting Efficiency and Accountability of Administration
(c) Containing Corruption in Administration
(d) All of these

19. Which one of the following agencies estimates the employment and unemployment in India ?
(a) N.E.U.O.
(b) N.S.S.O.
(c) N.F.H.S.
(d) N.A.S.

20. Which one of the following criteria has been assigned 7.5 percent weight by the Fourteenth Finance Commission of India for tax sharing with the states ?
(a) Population
(b) Demographic change
(c) Areale
(d) Forest cover

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