HPSSC Junior Auditor Exam Paper 20 Sep 2020 (Answer Key) (English Language)

HPSSC – (Himachal Pradesh Staff Selection Commission) Conduct the Junior Auditor Exam Paper . HPSSC Junior Auditor Exam Held on 20 September 2020.  Himachal Pradesh Staff Selection Commission Junior Auditor Exam Paper With Answer Key Available Here.   

Exam – Junior Auditor Exam 2020
Organizer – HPSSC 
Paper Code – C
Date – 20 September 2020 (Sunday)
Total Questions – 170

Himachal Pradesh Junior Auditor Exam Paper 2020 (Official Answer Key)

1. Audit of Banks is an example of
(A) Statutory Audit
(B) Balance Sheet Audit
(C) Concurrent Audits
(D) All of these

2. Which of the following auditing assurance standard deals with Audit Planning ?
(A) AAS-7
(B) AAS-8
(C) AAS-9
(D) AAS-3

3. Audit programme is prepared by
(A) the auditor
(B) the client
(C) the audit assistants
(D) the auditor and his audit assistants

4. Auditor of a which company does not have right to visit foreign branches of the company ?
(A) Unlimited liability
(B) Manufacturing
(C) Banking
(D) Non-profit making

5. Special audit conducted at the order of Central Govt. which Section gives such powers?
(A) Sec. 233 (A)
(B) Sec. 233 (B)
(C) Sec. 242 (A)
(D) Sec. 242 (B)

6. Audit of transactions does not include
(A) propriety audit
(B) efficiency cum performance audit
(C) audit of receipts
(D) audit of expenditure

7. The statutory auditor of a Govt. company submits his report to
(A) the BOD of the company
(B) the C & AG
(C) the legislature
(D) the company secretary

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Answer – (B)

8. Audit shall report on the accounts examined by him
(A) to the shareholders
(B) to the court
(C) to the bank
(D) to the general public

9. Secret reserves can be created by
(A) Public limited company only
(B) Banking and financial companies only
(C) Private limited company only
(D) Cooperative societies.

10. Vouching of the balances of all incomes and expenses account is known as vouching of
(A) Personal ledger
(B) Impersonal ledger
(C) Cash
(D) Sales

11. Periodical audit is also called as
(A) Final audit
(B) Interim audit
(D) Income statement audit
(C) Balance sheet audit

12. Partial auditing is usually done by .
(A) Sole Trading concern
(B) Joint Stock Companies
(C) Govt. deptt.
(D) Cooperative societies

13. Audit in depth is synonymous for
(A) Complete audit
(B) Final audit
(C) Completed audit
(D) Detailed audit

14. What type of profits a firm gets in long run under monopolistic competition ?
(A) Super normal
(B) Losses
(C) Normal
(D) None of these

15. Monopoly power and elasticity of demand are ______ related.
(A) inversely
(B) directly
(C) Any of above
(D) None of these

16. Normal price also known as
(A) short run price
(B) secular price
(C) fixed price
(D) long run price

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Answer – (D)

17. All of the following curves are U-shaped except
(A) AVC curve
(B) AFC curve
(C) AC curve
(D) MC curve

18. Price line is also known as
(A) Budget line
(B) Opportunity line
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of these

19. Slope of IC in case of perfect substitutes is
(A) Convex to origin
(B) Concave to origin
(C) U-shaped
(D) Straight line downward slopping

20. What is the income effect in case of superior goods ?
(A) Always negative
(B) Always positive
(C) Zero
(D) None of these

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